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To connect your Gunbroker custom store to ShipStation, do the following:

1. Go to Account Settings (the wrench icon in the upper right).

A demonstration of where to find ShipStation's Account Settings for Connecting GunBroker to ShipStation

2. Select Selling Channels from the left-hand sidebar, then choose Store Setup.1. Go to Account Settings (the wrench icon in the upper right).

Demonstration of where to select a selling channel on ShipStation for integrating shipping information to GunBroker.

3. Click + Connect a Store or Marketplace.

Demonstration of where to find the ShipStation button ‘Click + Connect a Store or Marketplace’ for syncing shipping info from GunBroker to ShipStation.

4. Choose the Custom Store option. You can type “Custom Store” into the search field for faster results.

Demonstration of where to find the ‘Choose Custom Store’ when integrating Gunbroker order info to ShipStation.

5. Enter the requested information into the form and test your connection using the Test Connection button.

  • URL to custom CML Page: Enter the URL provided to you by Connect Gunbroker & Shipstation that contains your secret key. You can find this URL at the top of the Account page.
  • Gunbroker Username & Password
  • Statuses: Currently these are all bypassed. Only orders marked paid in Gunbroker import into ShipStation.

6. Once all fields have been entered and the Test Connection is a success, simply click Connect and complete your custom store setup like any other ShipStation store integration. Thank you and welcome aboard!

Demonstration of where to modify your Custom Store details for importing shipping information to GunBroker from ShipStation.